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Turret punching offers many benefits to profile cutting sheet metal items, parts and components can be manufactured at a much faster and economical rate than profile cutting.


Parts are processed using various shaped hard tooling to punch out holes, notch corners and cut contours, we have an extensive tool library to suit many applications as well as cluster tooling for perforated sheets.

Our Amada turret punch is able to process sheets up to 1500x6000mm in a single piece which allows us the ability to process sheets for many applications.

In addition to its Architectural applications, the CNC Turret Punching process can manufacture products to service several other disciplines such as:

• Construction and Industrial

• Quarrying and Mining

• Waste Management and Recycling

• Security and Safety

• Agricultural

• Maritime and Fisheries

• Landscaping and Urban Design

We Process a Wide Range of Materials


Aluminium 1.JPG

Stainless Steel

Stainless 2.JPG

Mild Steel

Mild Steel 1.jpg

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized 2.jpg


Brass 2.jpg
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