From function to aesthetics, perforated metal has many applications, our perforated products and their various applications include;

• Balustrade and fence infills
• Cladding facades
• Ceiling panels

• Sunshades
• Interior partitions

• And much more...

Perforated Metal Brochure


More reasons why perforated metal is the preferred choice 

Noise Control

Perforated metal is your perfect partner for soundproofing and reducing acoustic emissions. Most specifications can be achieved by defining the hole size and open area accurately. Perforated metal can also be used as supporting material for other sound-insulating applications.

Temperature Control

Components made from perforated metal play a valuable role in regulating temperature by heat dissipation, these include cold shelves, hot-air ventilators or complex heating units. The combination of useful functions with an appealing design gives rise to solutions in which a unique aesthetic touch complements the actual function of the application.

Filtration Control

Whether it be air, water or solids, perforated metal is the ideal way to filter out any objects or impurities for your application due to the endless range of hole sizes and open areas available.

Anti-Skid Applications

Industrial access walkways made from perforated or stamped metal have special anti-skid properties to ensure safety in many areas with high exposure to moisture, oils, dirt etc.

Low Maintenance

Perforated metal requires very little maintenance and cleaning, not only does this provide long-term financial benefits but also environmental benefits, as the use of dangerous detergents and chemicals are not required.

Perforated Metal is Long Lasting

When the correct material and application is being used, perforated metal is long lasting and does not need to be replaced for many, many years. Materials such as Aluminium consist of several anti-corrosive qualities, when combined with high quality Anodised or Powder Coated applications, makes them ideal for coastal environments. 

Perforated Metal is Lightweight

The perforated material removed from metal sheets can be as high as 65%. This means perforated metal sheets are relatively light weight and easy to install, making them the ideal choice of material to clad building facades.

Perforated Metal is Flexible in its Design

The flexibility in the design provides room for creative architectural ideas. In addition to its ability to come in all shapes and colours, perforated metal also naturally absorbs vibrations, provides shade and is an all round versatile product for a wide range of industries.